Microsoft and UNESCO are pleased to launch innovate4youth online site and phone app during the Third International Congress on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). Innovate4youth helps bring together young job seekers with the private sector, governments and other stakeholders in South Africa, Lesotho and Zambia to find jobs, training resources, mentoring opportunities and other tools to help youth become successful citizens.
You will inherit the world.
And the world will inherit you.
Choose the right career. Decide what you love to do. Do it well, and someone will pay you to do it. You can't ask for a better job.
You can offer fine people jobs. Careers. A better life.
Discover candidates all over the world who will be valuable to your company. And be proud of your value to them.
Message to Member States

Innovate4youth is a platform and mobile application which commits to bridging the information gap between job seekers, providers and employers while at the same time equipping talent with the requisite knowledge about careers, and opportunities. Not only would it provide a hub for talent to search for jobs, but for ministries of government to provide data on employment, opportunities, scholarships, training, etc.

Begin Your Journey to a Successful Career
  • Find out about available jobs
  • Get training from the government
Improve the future of disadvantaged youth around the world.

As a global volunteer, your valuable time is greatly appreciated.
  • Share your professional knowledge
  • Offer advice
  • Provide encouragement
Discover new talent. Easily identify applicants, view their CV, connect via video call.
  • Offer opportunity
  • Find qualified job seekers
  • Grow future leaders
The single hub where all your training material, videos, events and documents can be efficiently broadcast to all subscribing applicants.
  • View Applicants and Employers by geography and profiles
  • Communicate with participants
  • Attract more constituents